In 2014, our founding organization Root Impact launched the first D-WELL coliving residence in Seongsu-Dong, Seoul, which is also known as Social Venture Valley. Now, they are operating two coliving residences, whose buildings used to be 2-4 multifamily houses and were renovated to accommodate more than 20 Changemakers. These changemakers create synergy by sharing a living space. The community managers of Root Impact employ a thorough selection procedure, because we believe that finding the right residents should be the critical first step to making the co-living environments synergistic. So far, 41 residents have joined and created vibrant communities. Social entrepreneurs, NGO/nonprofit leaders, artists, designers and school teachers are living together and tackling global and local issues, including legal service inequality, distribution of agricultural products, and human rights in North Korea.

In 2017, Communitas America was founded and started the first US D-Well coliving residence in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is currently a community of 6 changemakers and is taking applications.

Visit the website to learn more and apply