Communitas America looks to partner with local social ventures and nonprofits in the communities that we are investing to develop an impact ecosystem to create, develop, and implement social impact programs that will help the community members to become changemakers.

Impact Ventures is a 3 month Social Venture Accelerator where entrepreneurs will go from idea to prototype and be able to start to grow their startup right after. It brings together an intense curriculum, a network of mentors and experts, and a community of like minded social entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. 

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Communitas America has partnered with the City College of New York to implement the first Impact Career program in the United States. The program allows for a cohort of 10 curated students to participate in an intensive training and summer internship with social enterprises. Over 60 students applied to the program ranging from freshman to graduate students. They go through a 2 day bootcamp where they get an overview of the social impact field and get matched to 10 different social enterprises. Over the summer the students will continue to meet together every two weeks at a different social enterprise to participate in a workshop to learn more about a different social enterprise as well as growing in their skills in the social impact field.



Our founding organization Root Impact is designing, managing and operating a vocational education program called Impact Basecamp that helps youth develop problem-solving skills, especially for whom are committed to delivering positive change to make a better world. The objectives in Season 1, 2015-16 are 1) to improve confidence and skills of youth, the potential Changemakers, 2) to develop a strong community, and 3) to educate interactively with real world examples. By December 2016, 147 students have graduated from Impact Basecamp and the 45% of them started their own careers in social sector.

Root Impact assessed that there are limited opportunities and accesses for youth to experience and learn in the social sector. So, Impact Basecamp offers actual experiences and practical information that youth can maximize to grow as a skilled talent. In doing so, Root Impact hopes that they become Changemakers who keep interested in defining social issues and solving them with innovative solution.