Overview for Grant Seekers

The following information should help you determine whether your project fits our grantmaking priorities, and whether submitting a proposal make sense. Please read below before starting the application process.

About Our Grantmaking

Communitas America seeks to service disadvantaged communities. We support specific communities, which can be found on our website. Our competitive grants support programs that improve the lives of disadvantaged communities, with an emphasis on promoting and supporting social changemakers towards equitable, sustainable, and thriving communities. We understand that complex problems demand a variety of approaches, and thus look for innovative models and organizations to support and partner with.

Our Grants

Our grantmaking guidelines reflect the mission of Communitas America of developing the impact ecosystem in disadvantaged communities.

Our program staff reviews proposals, identifies the best projects for grants according to our guidelines, and determines the appropriate funding sources.

Grantmaking Goals

Impact Ecosystem

We make grants to groups that contribute towards the impact ecosystem of Changemakers in disadvantaged communities. The groups will be developing and working on projects that are in line with our focuses on Live, Work, and Learn. We support groups in the specific neighborhoods where we are focusing our efforts.

We are currently taking grants from Organizations in or serving the South Bronx.

About our Grantmaking Program

What nonprofits are eligible for grants?

We support organizations that are in line with our mission and goals of creating an impact ecosystem for Changemakers in disadvantaged communities. We look for groups with the following characteristics. They have a strong leadership team that is passionate about their work and mission. The group is located or focused on the neighborhood which we are working in. They have an innovative project or model that can scale and grow. They are fiscally responsible.

What types of programs do you fund?

We fund programs that promote and support the development of Changemakers, Social Enterprises, or Nonprofit organizations.

How much is the grant?

The grant will be up to $10K depending on the need. 

What don’t you fund?

We do not make grants to individuals, building campaigns, endowments, deficit financing, or religious purposes.

When can we apply?

You may submit a proposal anytime. We build in a long lead time for review of proposals and preparation of grant recommendations, leading to five board meetings each year. Program officers weigh many considerations in preparing a group of grant recommendations and cannot promise that any proposal will be considered at a particular board meeting.

We also issue RFPs for certain programs; each has its own rules and timeline.

Can I discuss ideas with a program officer to make sure they are a good fit before submitting a proposal?

Because of the volume of proposals we handle, we are not able to meet with organizations to help them decide on a project before submitting a proposal. Instead, we ask that you read our guidelines to ensure your project aligns with our grantmaking goals, then submit a proposal. Some proposals meet several of our goals. You do not have to determine the program officer(s) who will receive your proposal; we do that.

How Do I Apply?

Applicants should go to our Grant Portal, read the Guidelines for Grant Seekers, and start the application process by completing the Proposal Cover Sheet. Once you have submitted the proposal, if our team is interested in a follow up meeting, someone will reach out to you.

We are currently taking grants from Organizations in or serving the South Bronx.


Application Deadline: August 31, 2018

Application Checklist

  1. A cover letter, on your letterhead, signed by your director.
  2. A copy of the Proposal Cover Sheet that you have submitted online.
  3. A proposal (no more than ten pages) that includes:
  • Agency background (mission, major activities, and credentials for carrying out project)
  • Project description: Brief statement of problem to be addressed
  • Goals and objectives
  • Who is served
  • Project activities
  • Expected outcome(s)
  • Plan for measuring project results
  • Project budget (expenses & income)
  • For renewal requests, an update on progress made through prior grant
  1. Information about your organization
  • Agency Operating Budget
  • A list of the Board of Directors
  • For organizations with budgets of $750,000+, submit your latest audited financial statements; organizations with budgets between $250,000 and $750,000, submit a CPA review report; all others, provide a copy of your IRS 990.
  • Affirmative action policy
  1. The teams’ communications with you about this grant will be by email, whether notification of a decline, or notification of a grant. PLEASE ADD @communitasamerica.org TO YOUR ADDRESS BOOK SO THAT OUR IMPORTANT COMMUNICATIONS DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN YOUR SPAM FILTERS.