D-Well is a home for changemakers, social innovators, entrepreneurs or creators who are making positive changes to help people and make a better world. At D-Well, living with these like-minded people, we could build a fun and aspiring community to share our insights and create a bigger impact.

D-Well Las Vegas @The 211

The residents of D-Well will be living in The 211, located at the heart of Downtown Las Vegas.

Private, furnished studio $500/month

D-Well residents will be provided with a $200/month subsidy from Communitas America.

We’re looking for…

D-Well Las Vegas welcomes all changemakers and social innovators. A Social Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Activist, Artist, Designer, Engineer or Scientist, no matter what kind of job title or position you have on your business card, you can apply for D-Well if you are dedicated to resolve complex social problems with innovative ideas.