Communitas America is a social impact firm that supports Changemakers who are creating innovative solutions to solve social problems in under-resourced communities. Founded in 2017, Communitas America comes from Kyungsun Chung’s work through Root Impact, a social venture firm in South Korea. Communitas America encourages the Changemakers and/or social entrepreneurs to further their mission. We have a strong belief that social problems can be solved in a healthier way as more Changemakers come into being.

Communitas America envisions the world where everyone can make a real change. In order to help young social entrepreneurs and Changemakers who endeavor to bring positive changes in the world, Communitas America works to build an ‘Impact Ecosystem’ for more Changemakers and social entrepreneurs to further their mission, solve pressing issues, and sustain their growth. In doing so, Communitas America is providing a Changemaker-friendly environment such as co-living residences, co-working spaces, and learning opportunities.

Communitas America was previously a fiscal sponsorship project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), one of the world’s largest philanthropic advisory services and has facilitated over $3 billion of giving in 50+ countries.


A world with inclusive, diverse, and sustainable local neighborhoods


We develop impact ecosystems that equip Changemakers in under-resourced communities

Core Values

Changemakers and Social Impact First

Empathize with Changemakers

Be Adventurous to Challenge the status quo

Be Passionate and Have Fun

Take Initiative and Play Your Game

Make a REAL Difference

Build Relationships of Trust

Respect the Difference and Embrace Diversity

Get Together to make a Better World, Faster